Linux CentOS Redhat Servers

Linux CentOS RedHat Servers

Linux CentOS Redhat ServersLinux CentOS Redhat ServersInstallation, Management, Support

You can trust the experts @ Techville CA to manage your Linux CentOS and Redhat Servers.


linux-servers-redhat-centos-manage-adminOur team of IT professionals specializes in network security, Firewall, Web administration, network administration, messaging administration and MySQL database management  in Linux CentOS and RedHat Servers.

Techville CA provides Linux outsourcing services tailored to serve the needs of today’s business.

With our managed server packages, you can relax, as your systems are  being monitored by people with years of expertise and knowledge

Techville CA provides CENTOS and RedHAT Linux installs, with full administration services.

We protect and monitor your servers so you can share files, printers, Internet access, Web site access.

Messaging and email server capabilities are unlimited but also mission critical to most business’ in today;s market.


Linux CentOS- Redhat ServersRemote Server Administration

24/7 Technical Support Availability

During business hours we are there for any Users having concerns, questions or needing technical support.

After business hours, we are reading log files, running updates and checking security-firewall statistics. and running updates.. essentially keeping our finger on the pulse of the network..

monitor-networkDowntime & Tech support reduce your staff’s production, costing your organization real dollars by the minute.

With Techville CA monitoring your servers and network traffic flow, you will find tech intervention and support are rarely required.

You will be able to tell we are doing our job when you realize you rarely require our intervention.

Your staff is able to work with the minimal amount of interruption or time wasted on technology glitches.

Also through our remote server monitoring services, we can:

Help you avoid hard drive failures, overloads and backup failures by watching the log files.

Server Downtime is rare, and the odd time a reboot is required it is scheduled for after business hours

Monitor the availability of the servers and each service we have alerts in place to notify of problems on the servers before they happen.

Included in our remote administration package are some of the mundane server management tasks such as adding, deleting or modifying email or user accounts.

We also configure and run Anti Virus such as ClamAV, Maldetect and Spam-Assassin to stop the bad stuff before it ever enters your network.




linux-servers-redhat-centosEmergency Server Technical Support

Linux Redhat CentOS

We will respond to any server problem within four hours on a regular working day.

If we cannot fix and repair the problem from our location, we will come on-site, to you..

And of course we can be reached 24/7 if an emergency arises.

Simply e-mail support and our real-time notification system will contact one of our team members via mobile phone.



Linux Cent-OS & RedHat Tech Support

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