Network Map Documentation

Document Your Office with a Network Map


Create and use a Network Map to Reduce down time and costs.

“Don’t be held hostage by your Technical Support.


network mapAll too often, I am called to a job site for a simple problem, which could generally have been fixed in a lot less time; First thing I ask for, “the network map “.

An example of good network map makers skills includes: All passwords, websites and logins for anything to do with the network.Domain names, Registrar Logins, WordPress, Drupal and any other web logins. Server Passwords, Access Point Passwords and even Mapped Shares can be important and time consuming to “discover” even when called in for the simplest job.

A good network map should consist of a graphic showing all you equipment and locations.

Anything on the network from Access Points to Printers to Servers to Wifi & tablets should be on your network map.

Everything has a Mac address & IP; everything is accounted for and tracked.

Patch panels and network jacks should all be marked clearly.

An up to date copy should always be kept in your server room or in a “safe” place.





At Techville CA, we create a network map as we go, continuously after each visit.

This provides you with complete transparency as to your current IT practices and a complete inventory of all your Office Technology and assets The network maps make it easy to troubleshoot or even get a second opinion from someone with enough experience to realize the importance.

A good IT-Network-Service Technician understands the value of documenting everything, and has no need to consider YOUR information, their “job-security”.

network-map-example-techvilleDownload Free “Diagram Editor” For Windows Here

Creating a network map is well worth the time you spend documenting

I like to think of it like this:

I can drive from Ottawa to Vancouver. Do I need a map? No probably not, I could just drive West, watch for signs and eventually I am sure I will get there.

However, if I use a map, I will definitely arrive faster and easier.




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