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If your network is being properly managed, you should rarely experience “Downtime” in your office and seldom require computer support.

Reduction in computer-network downtime saves your organization money.

We specialize in keeping your network running secure and streamlined which equals fast and reliable.

A Pro-Active “finger on the pulse” of your business network-firewall is the only way to ensure the Blackhats, malwares and script-kiddies don’t own your data.

Stop the bugs from ever entering your house of business; Far better than calling in Pest Control after the fact.

Proactive Remote Computer-Server-Maintenance

 remote-windows-computer-maintenance-network-repair-proactive-fixRemote PC and Server Maintenance and management takes place after business hours using a secure VPN.

Examining log files, running updates and analyzing network traffic on the firewall is paramount to maintaining network efficiency,security,speed and stability.

Night Schedule allows us to do updates, clean up temp files, examine log files and run backups

We do this for the Office Computers, Servers, Firewalls, Wireless Routers..

Proactive computer maintenance results in less downtime, as workstations and servers software are cleaned, repaired and updated after your regular business hours.


Personalized Technical Phone Support


You are dealing directly with the Tech who knows your network and your business needs.

Fast efficient remote-desktop and phone support for the rare occasion staff requires help.

24/7 Phone support available upon request.

Mission critical response time for business Users with agreement.

911 Response times for business Tech Emergencies.

After hours and weekend support at regular rate for Business Users with block hours.



Remote-Technical Support

business-computer-office packages from:

24.95 /month /PC.

Includes Remote-Desktop for cleaning-updates etc (as above) and Unlimited Phone Support.


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PFSense Managed Firewall Leasing with full support

for as little as 59.95 monthly.

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