pc-meltdown-rebuildTo completely Reinstall or rebuild your Windows PC, Computer or laptop from the ground up takes a very long time. Typically 10-12 hours.

While time consuming, sometimes the only solution is to whip out the Windows Disc and reinstall fresh.

Here is what makes our Windows Rebuild Different:

First we backup all of your data to our Linux Server- which is impervious to spyware and viruses.

Next we wipe the disc clean and run a full hardware diagnostic called “smartctl” to ensure the disc is worthy of the effort. Hard discs are very inexpensive, but if they fail you can be looking at another 10-12 hours to re-install and rebuild Windows. smartctl information example here.

After testing the integrity of your hardware we proceed to install Windows.

Once the main install is done we:

  1. Install all the newest drivers from the manufacturers website, to ensure stability.
  2. Update Windows itself (often requiring multiple reboots and lots of wait time).
  3. Turn off the Windows “get me” traps – such as netbios, file-print sharing, system restore…. etc
  4. Install (User provided) copy of Microsoft Office.
  5. Install FireFox, Thunderbird, Google Chrome.
  6. Install Adobe Reader, Flash Player, Java
  7. Install any specialized business programs you provide such as Accounting-Hotel-Legal etc.
  8. Test the machine thoroughly, remove all TMP files
  9. Install Anti Virus and Anti Spy-ware tools
  10. Let’s make sure you don’t have to do this again for years to come.
  11. Setup email clients, Import address books,bookmarks, Outlook-Thunderbird (where possible)


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Recommended Optional Open Source or Trial Software:

Dia For Windows – Diagrams Simlar to Visio

Open Office – Similar to Office

OpenVPN – Remote connect (securely) with all devices to office

SpyBot Search & Destroy Home Of – Keep your PC Adware free

The Gimp- Similar To Photo-Shop (Graphic Image Manipulation Program)



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