Is your Windows 7-8-10 PC or Laptop crashing-won’t boot or just running really slow?

Your computer is freezing or sluggish?

Try our valuable and affordable PC-Laptop  repair-tuneup package.

Does your system have a Virus, Spyware or Adware? No problem!

Viruses and Spyware can generally be removed in a few hours, but We will clean up your computer-desktop-laptop and help prevent the problem from happening again.

You dropped your laptop or your computer and it won’t boot or has crashed?

Don’t panic, it could be a very simple fix for one of our CompTIA A+ certified technicians to recover your precious data.

Techville CA repair services will help you fix any computer desktop or laptop problem.

Our computer-technicians will fix it within 24 hours and give you a 30 day full support guarantee.

Mission critical response time for business Users with agreement.

After hours and weekend support at regular rate for contracted business users.


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