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Keeping your office systems running safe, secure and reliable.

Prevent IT Catastrophe/ Down Time

Proactive Firewall, PC-Server Maintenance & Monitoring

Minimize need for IT support

Reduce Downtime


Provide a one stop/ all encompassing IT Solution for small and medium sized offices.

Utilizing 32 + years experience to support Users, defend against network attacks and minimize the need for tech-intervention or downtime.

This is achieved by monitoring firewall logs, LAN, WAN and Wireless networks, computer systems and servers.

System backups, should be automated and include off site solutions to be monitored. Networks should be well documented and mapped with a copy on the local site at all times.

The focus: STOP all BAD traffic at the Gate-Way to your Internet!

Anti Virus on desktops and servers is fine, but let’s try and prevent the sludge from ever making it that far in to your offices.

Avoid Computer-Employee Downtime.

Analyze-monitor company network traffic, servers-computers for issues, attacks or slow downs. Streamline, existing settings to ensure all devices are running optimally and securely. Malware-Virus attacks, Denial of Service and Spam-advertising can all contribute to polluting your business network, slowing down office production and often generating unnecessary Tech support.

By closely monitoring network traffic, we can most often avoid the problems before they become noticeable. Pinpointing a specific device is relatively easy, by watching the logs.

Keeping the Desktops Clean and Safe.

The main functions of the computer-server network support analyst include:

Monitor-Maintain all Apple or Windows Desktop PC’s and portable Devices. Examine-clean logs, temp files, updates etc.

Check all machines for Malware, Virus and rogue temp files. Clean PC is happy PC

Suggest protocols for dealing with network-users such as password policies, internal security/ File accessibility etc.

Emergency Support and Desktop Remote-Repair All Devices

In the unlikely event a Desktop or Remote User needs support, they will be dealing with a direct line to a network expert. This avoids lengthy call Ques or escalations. Phone-Remote Tech support can be frustrating, but the difference here is that you are dealing direct with a 10 + year network expert that has no need to “escalate” to a different department. The buck stops here attitude will have your employees/ windows or Apple issues resolved quickly and efficiently. Rarely do we have to schedule a site call, as most problems are fixed using Remote Desktop or a brief Phone call. As part of our standard practice, we configure-monitor-support VPN connections to ensure SECURE remote access for Tablets, Phones and Laptop Users working remotely

Remote Workers using Laptops, Phones and Tablets.

Yes working remotely is very easy. Windows provides Remote Desktop as do many apps.

BE WARNED that all of these require open ports which are constantly tested by hackers (just check your logs and you will see that truth).

The only SAFE way? Use a VPN connection direct to your office.

It is very easy to setup and maintain. Unlike the 256 bit easily hacked encryption your bank uses, OpenVPN gives you 2048 bit and higher, without you even knowing its there). Click on a little icon to connect directly and safely to your office PC or Mac and uses resources as though you were at your desk.

If an employee loses a device or it is broken, all the data is still @ the office, the device was just a dumb client.

Personally I have been doing this with tablets connected back to our invoicing system on the office computer since 2011.

Our mission is to keep your office running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Reduced need for Tech support or downtime means better production in your offices and lower costs.

We Support Existing IT Departments, Infrastructure, People

You already have the equipment, the network and firewalls properly configured?

Perhaps you have an existing IT company or employee for the day to day needs?

We are more than happy to work with existing IT departments and existing infrastructure as an “extra level” of support.

We can assist companies and existing IT people with 1 times issues, deep network troubleshooting and even best policy practices and known firewall vulnerabilities.

Of the more commonly requested services; designing and integrating wireless networks in such places as hotels, restaurants and offices. Wifi is no longer just a convenience but a necessity and can lead to serious security and privacy issues if not implemented safely.

Reliability and speed are paramount when it comes to LAN, WAN and WiFi technologies in today’s offices..

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