Wireless-WiFi Networks

Secure Wireless Networks

We have been building and securing wireless networks in offices and hotels for more than 2 decades.

In a corporate environment, we install Luxul and Unifi Access Points. This allows seamless floating connection in large spaces and multi floor environments. Of course adding VPN or VLAN to secure permanent wireless devices is always prudent. An easy task using PFSense.

Network Mapping is critical in all business environments and of course installing Access Points is no exception.

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Recommended for home Office networks.

POE, VLAN, many features, suitable for Small Office and Home.

Powerful Wi-Fi with many extra features such as VLAN.

White Hat Tip:

It is surprising how many “open” or insecure networks I come across in my day to day travels.

With a simple phone App like “Fing” you can test the network you are on and probe for other devices and open ports. If you see anything in the list that isn’t your phone and the router you are connected to, you are on an insecure network.

*** Techs and Home users, when you setup your routers, unless specifically sharing resources, We recommend using the main WiFi as ADMIN only and put a complicated password. In fact, I generally turn off the broadcast SSID as well. Use the GUEST feature with a good password instead. By using the Guest network feature of your wifi router, it will prevent Users/ phones, tablets etc from seeing each other on that network. Using FING to test these configurations, you will find you see only your device and the router.