PC-Laptop Repair

PC-Laptop Repair

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Laptop Repair

Laptop hardware can be very expensive to replace and we don’t want to waste your money.

We will give you an honest opinion based on decades of experience, tempered by integrity.

Certain things are worth repairing. Failing hard drive (replace with SSD 100x faster), bad memory modules, bad battery, new keyboard and failed Wi-Fi cards are generally a fairly easy fix.

Unfortunately broken screens, broken clutches (hinges) and liquid spills in the laptop are probably not worth fixing.

We may still be able to help by recovering your data (when possible). Typical charge for data recovery is $ 120.00 Canadian. If you bring is a replacement PC or Laptop we will be happy to copy the data over for you.

Troubleshoot any laptop or PC issues, run full hardware tests, check for virus and Malware using external Linux machine, physically clean with compressed air, clean all contacts (memory, cards) our rate is $ 120.00

If your laptop or PC is more than 5 years old, you would be well advised to look at buying a new one with a full warranty, or search Amazon for a good Used laptop. Many of the models for sale on Amazon are from Corporate leases (2 or 3 years old) and you can get a good deal on a Higher Quality Laptop. Personally I would rather have a used Cadillac than a new Geo. Warranty is the big advantage with new laptops, and frankly I find Cosco and Walmart are 2 of the most cost effective places to buy them.

If you are a business User and warranty matters, we suggest you call and buy directly from Dell. # 1 you want Corporate Level Equipment #2 Excellent Tech Support #3 Next Business Day warranty (costs a little extra). Guaranteed next day onsite service for warranty matters requiring parts.