Techville CA offers comprehensive home and business tech services:

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Broken Screen ?

  • Laptop, Android-Apple-Phone-Tablet

Computer, Laptop, PC Repair:

  • Techville CA specializes in PC and laptop repair services in Ottawa, offering expert solutions such as Windows virus removal, temporary files cleanup, system and software updates, error fixes, and hardware and software upgrades. With a focus on knowledge, experience, and integrity, we ensure optimal system performance and security. Call (613) 276-9066 for appointments.

Android, Apple Phones & Tablets Configuration:
  • We focus on setting up business devices to seamlessly integrate with VPN, email, and calendar solutions. Our services are dedicated to configuring devices for optimal interaction with remote office VPN, servers, and calendars, rather than fixing or selling hardware. Broken Screen Android Apple ?

Office IT Support (Apple-Linux-Windows):

  • Our technical support team ensures seamless operation and addresses troubleshooting needs for Apple, Linux, and Windows platforms, optimizing workflow efficiency.
Data Backup-Recovery:
  • Secure your valuable business data with automated and offsite backup solutions for protection against loss or corruption.
Domain Names Management:
  • Benefit from our expertise in domain registration, transfer, renewal, DNS configuration, and troubleshooting for efficient management enhancing your online presence.
Linux CentOS & RedHat Servers / Workstations:
  • Specialized setup, maintenance, and support for Linux-based servers and workstations, particularly CentOS and RedHat distributions.
Network Analysis-Design-Monitor-Troubleshoot:
  • We conduct thorough network analysis, design customized architectures, monitor performance, and troubleshoot issues for optimal functionality.
Network Documentation / Maps:
  • Detailed documentation and maps of network infrastructures facilitate management, troubleshooting, and future expansion.
Network Firewall Management Monitoring:
  • We manage and monitor network firewalls to enhance security and protect against unauthorized access or malicious activities.
  • Implement proactive measures to minimize downtime and optimize performance, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.
PFSense Managed-Firewall Solutions:
  • Strengthen network security with our managed firewall solutions using PFsense, a powerful open-source platform.
VPN – Secure Remote Work:
  • Set up secure VPNs for remote work, ensuring secure access to company resources and sensitive data.
VPS Virtual Private Server Setup / Monitor / Maintain:
  • Assist with setting up, monitoring, and maintaining VPS for scalable hosting solutions.
Wi-Fi – Corporate Level WiFi Secure Solutions:
  • Design and implement secure Wi-Fi solutions tailored for corporate environments, ensuring reliable and secure wireless connectivity.
Windows-Linux Workstation/Desktop Support:
  • Offering support services for Windows and Linux-based workstations/desktops, ensuring prompt assistance regardless of the operating system preferences.

Trust Techville CA for efficient and affordable tech solutions to keep your business running smoothly.


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