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Having worked in the IT sector for over three decades, I bring a wealth of experience in computer repair, network design, and support.

My journey began in 1986, when I first started exploring computer repair and actively engaged in BBS (Bulletin Board System) and FidoNet communities. These platforms were instrumental in refining my technical skills and nurturing my passion for technology.

Throughout my career, I have developed expertise in several key areas:
  • Hardware Repair: With six years dedicated to teaching hardware repair for major brands like Compaq, HP, Lexmark, Toshiba, and Samsung, I’ve gained profound insights into computer hardware components and troubleshooting techniques.
  • Network Design and Support: Since 1997, I’ve immersed myself in network design and support, working within both Windows and Linux environments. My responsibilities include configuring and overseeing network infrastructure, implementing robust security measures, and providing continuous support for network functionality.
  • Operating Systems: I am proficient in various operating systems, including Windows, Linux (such as Debian, RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu), and PFsense. My experience in tailoring and optimizing these systems spans from basic office tasks to intricate network environments.
  • Onsite Technical Support: Over the past decade, I’ve provided onsite technical support for office settings, addressing a wide array of IT challenges to ensure seamless business operations.
  • Entrepreneurship: Since 1997, I’ve operated as a self-employed professional, leveraging my expertise to provide IT services to clients and enterprises. Through entrepreneurship, I’ve honed my problem-solving skills, business acumen, and a client-centric approach to delivering IT solutions.
  • Cybersecurity and Network Analysis: I have a strong interest in cybersecurity, which includes ethical hacking and network packet-level analysis. I find satisfaction in navigating security challenges and devising innovative solutions to safeguard networks and data from potential threats.

In summary, my extensive experience, technical skills, and passion for technology enable me to provide comprehensive IT solutions and support to clients. I am committed to ensuring the efficiency, security, and optimization of their systems, aligned with their specific needs and requirements.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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