PFSense Firewall

PFSense Firewall pf senseWe specialize in configuring, monitoring, and maintaining PFSense Firewall for various businesses, including advertising agencies, hotels, law offices, and retail stores.

Stop malicious traffic in its tracks before it impacts your devices.

Monthly monitoring with full support starting from $65.00 CAD.
Why choose PFSense firewall?
  1. Strength: PF Sense offers robust features and advanced capabilities to accurately identify and control network traffic based on custom rules, providing a strong defense against malicious activities.
  2. Flexibility: PFSense’s flexibility allows for integration of additional features like intrusion detection and prevention (IPS/IDS) and mass list blocking, making it adaptable as both a basic firewall and a complete security system.
  3. Open-Source: Being open-source means PFSense is free to use and modify, ensuring transparency and privacy.
  4. Bandwidth Controls and Traffic Shaping: Manage data transfer rates and prioritize network traffic to optimize performance and ensure equitable access to network resources.
  5. OpenVPN Support: Integration with OpenVPN provides secure remote connections, enhancing privacy and accessibility for remote users.
  6. Fault Tolerance and Speed Management: Maintain internet connectivity through multiple connections with PFSense’s multi-WAN feature, ensuring fault tolerance and speed management.

Take control of your network privacy and security with PFSense. Setup, support, and custom-built PFSense devices available.

Whether for home or business use, PFSense or equivalent firewall solutions are essential in today’s digital world.

We’ve been supporting and implementing PFSense Firewall Solutions in business environments since 2010. Call us for more information and consultation.


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